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Vocational Evaluation & Rehabilitation in Chicago

Whether you're out of work or handling an employee's workers' comp claim, we can help. At Return to Work Inc., we offer a wide variety of services aimed at providing accurate vocational data and reliable employment opportunities. With our team on your side, you'll receive astute advice and hands-on support.


Vocational Expert Testimony

This process involves forensic vocational analysis, or the application of professional expertise to employment questions that intersect with medical rehabilitation concerns. We then evaluate this information in order to determine wage loss damages, transferable skills, possible jobs, labor market access, and earning potential in preparation for trial. In order to provide the most accurate evaluation possible, each case is analyzed individually.

Workers' Compensation Vocational Evaluation

A vocational evaluation involves a review of all factors related to an injured worker's employability. This includes medical history/physical ability, work history, education, skills, and labor market conditions. Our evaluations determine and highlight crucial facts needed in order to make important employment decisions.

Once our evaluation is complete, we typically generate a report that outlines the employee's potential for returning to work as well as information regarding the types of training the worker may require. Additionally, our evaluations are also useful for vocational planning and other rehabilitative measures, such as:

• Evaluating Wage-Earning Capacity
• Determining Viability of Retraining
• Identifying Transferable Skills
• Evaluating Worker Capabilities
• Finding Possible Jobs
• Exposure for Total Disability
• Determining Employment Potential

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Labor Market Survey Research

We identify employment opportunities by researching prospective employers. During this process, we review data from the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Illinois Department of Employment Security to get a clear understanding of the labor market. Our employment projections are then used to project job availability within a specific geographic location.

The goal of these studies is to determine availability of suitable employment. Valuable input from these studies can help you understand the market for specific job targets and hiring trends. Our research also gives clients insight into the wages and prerequisites associated with their desired position.

Vocational Rehabilitation Plans

We understand that returning to work may seem intimidating. That's why we offer a targeted vocational rehabilitation service. We work with you to develop a rehabilitation plan tailored to your specific strengths and goals. This plan may involve training, identification of job openings, direct job placement, and a variety of other actions that will help you achieve your vocational goals.

Self-Directed Job Search Guidance

During these specialized counseling sessions, we help injured workers understand their employment prospects. The aim of this service is to assist workers in taking an action-oriented approach to achieve realistic job goals. Services under this umbrella may include identification of current job openings.

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