Return to Work

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Who We Are

Return to Work, Inc. was founded by Michael Mooney in 1982 with the goal of providing state-of-the art vocational services. Mr. Mooney serves as a vocational rehabilitation expert and has testified in a variety of settings on matters related to employability, wage loss and earning capacity. His range of industry work experiences have laid a foundation for making observations about employment as it occurs in the real world.

What We Offer:
Vocational Expert Testimony
Workers' Compensation Vocational Evaluation
Vocational Rehabilitation Plans
Labor Market Survey
Self-Directed Job Search Guidance

Business Team

Mike Mooney, M.S., CRC, CDMS. LCPC, ABVE

Completed a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, 1979
Practiced in private sector of vocational counseling since 1979.
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Illinois
Board Certified Vocational Expert.

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
Certified Disability Management Specialist
Licensed Clinical Counselor in Wisconsin

Mr. Mooney’s litigation experience allows him to support conclusions and analysis under cross examination in vocational matters. He is able to synthesize client information as it interacts with the labor market.

How It Works

We take cases by referrals from a variety of sources, including law firms and insurance claim representatives. Typically, law firms contact us asking for any pertinent information — our services, fees, or curriculum vitae. From there, we discuss the case at hand and, if approved, we move forward with the process. While the referral process for insurance companies is the same, we do offer different services and fees for these types of cases.